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Yoga on the dock

July 2, 2011

Riding Mountain National Park

Morning yoga stretch

4iiiis has taken up a physical space in Clear Lake at the Bowling Green. If your around and want to say hello please drop in and check out the new digs. To celebrate we are offering any portrait session and a 6 by 9 print for $75.00. This applies to family as well as couples and individuals.
The offer will be available through July. Book while the days are so beautiful. Stop by our website www.4iiiisphotography.photoshelter.com,hope you had a great Canada Day.
Brian and Dawn

Carol-Ann beauty portrait

June 15, 2011


Manitoba grade 12 grad portrait

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Father and Son

June 3, 2011

Hi Dad

A father holds his son


Portrait of a couple

Digital Bride

April 19, 2011

Digital Bride

Binary code on image of a bride.

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Courtney Bridal Session

March 20, 2011

Courtney Bride

Bridal Session

Have the details of your day recorded as fashion images.


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Brooke Ward

February 24, 2011

Brooke Ward

Seniors Portrait

Portraits of Seniors

Someone has a different idea of seniors than I do and I should know since I am one. Grads, OK! Well it’s all coming around again along with the last of winter. Anyone booking a Seniors Portrait session in Manitoba, by the end of March, will get 25% off the $100 session fee.

Frith/Mazur Family

February 14, 2011

Farm Family Portrait

Farm Family Portrait

Images from a 4iiiis Photography Family Portrait Session. Our philosophy is to capture the moments that express the beautiful interactions that flow in a relaxed fun session. In Canmore or Clear Lake we will take care of the camera leaving you to create the memories.

Farm Family Portrait

Mother and Daughter

We are taking bookings for the 2011 spring/summer in both Canmore, Alberta and Riding Mountain, Manitoba.

Farm Family Portrait

Father and Daughter

We are constructing a new web presence at http://www.4iiiiphotography.photoshelter.com or stop by http://www.4iiiisphotography.com.